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Aisha: It sounds good but if you like to deal with claws and generate wonderful and eye-catching nail art, you may be enthusiastic about a profession as a nail specialist. Maybe many love nail art pencils because they are inexpensive, refillable, and very easy to use. Even nail art newbies can make exclusive nail art designs using nail art rubber stamping sets like Konad and Salon Show, and get going money over costly salon visits but not every time. We tell you that the Konad rubber stamping nail art kit has been on my wish list for quite some time now. I would recommend Amazon and this Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish - Yellow to a friend. Is common sense that they come in all different shades, and often can be bought in sets which consist of style guides to help ignite the creativity of different looking designs. First, konad nail items comes from Japan - area well identified for top quality nail performers and awesome and stylish nail art methods.

Lakisha: It was easy to find this Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish - Yellow. These are known as Claw Art Stickers, Konad Claw Art and Clay Claw Art. There are three nail art methods that have really come into their own in the last year or so. They help you make expert looking designs that would not otherwise be able to be done with common nail improve and a sweep and this can be very important for you. Other than that I would recommend this Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish - Yellow. In magazines you will find that claw art pencils are great resources for developing specific designs on your handy and toe nails with nail improve. They allow the individual to make specific, expert looking designs with precision and convenience, right in the relaxation of their own home or facilities and this is very important. It is truly awesome how much art can be packed onto just one nail, especially your big toe.

Jill: Is not a secret that I got fortunate and found a regional shop that specifically markets Konad items. After surfing around through their web shop, I’ve been seeking where I could the kit in the area as many people said. At when, Konad nail products are easily available across the world and so are easily becoming nail performers best choice for fast, specific nail art designs , this is the main idea. The Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish - Yellow seems to be very durable and strong and I feel that we can rely on it for several years to come.. But perhaps the biggest sensation about making the nail salon is the wonderful nail designs on your arms and legs. I gave this 4 stars of 5 based on the price of the Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish - Yellow compared to the quality. We were really impressed and claw designs can be simple and lovely or sophisticated and awesome. This web article is going to complete you in on the essential concepts of every one of these resources so that you will be able to begin to use them in your own work.

Latoya: So far claw specialists are dedicated to nail health care and nail art. Generally in other terms, your job is to help others sustain and improve healthy and balanced, wonderful claws. Konad and Salon Show are the most well-known manufacturers of nail art rubber stamping sets these days and while getting nail art done at your regional professional hair beauty parlors has its benefits, like the sensation of being spoiled, it can also come with a significant price tag with regards to the type of nail art you’re having done is a great id”


This sort of work isn’t stealing anything from creators. It’s enhancing its value by showing just how much it means to people. I really don’t see how it’s possible to watch this viral video crazy-quilt and write it off as a merely derivative or exploitative work. If anything, it shows how art made from other art can become an independent creation with its own personality and worth. Star Wars Uncut is a collectively made work of postmodern folk art, as arresting and significant as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can silkscreen or a Robert Rauschenberg collage painting built around photos filched from newspapers. The true subject of Star Wars Uncut is how pop culture touchstones live on inside people’s heads, becoming a shared language and an inspiration for personal creativity. Lucas’s work was a call; this is a response.

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Thinking of My Past Education and of Those to Come

by Krista Tippett, host

Krista Tippett Chats with Cognitive Neuroscientist Adele Diamond
(photo: Trent Gilliss)

Adele Diamond is a formative figure in the emerging field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. And she is the kind of person I love to interview — a person with an important body of knowledge who never stops growing and asking new questions and making big ideas come to life in her person. She has nurtured a lifelong love of dancing alongside her love of learning, and so she embodies the delightfully challenging story her research has to tell.

Here, in a very simplified nutshell, is that story — the piece of it that I have been able to internalize, in any case, and that has fundamentally changed the way I think about the education I received and what I want for my own children. Among other things, breakthroughs in neuroscience are helping us understand the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is the latest part of the brain to develop in our species (“the new kid on the block,” as Adele Diamond puts it) and the last to fully mature — as late as our 20s — in every individual life.

The prefrontal cortex is vital to how we learn more than what we learn. It controls the cognitive disciplines and flexibility we need to access, apply, and creatively build on what we learn across our life spans. Such skills are a manifestation of the brain’s capacity for what neuroscientists call “executive function.” Adele Diamond’s groundbreaking research has focused on an educational approach called “Tools of the Mind” that strengthens executive function in pre-school age children. It has also shown intriguing promise for children with autism and ADHD, and for helping close the achievement gap between children of different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Serious ideas, all. Yet, wonderfully, play is at the heart of this show. Tools of the Mind and related science-inspired initiatives encourage a child’s natural inclination for dramatic play. They mine that experience for the discipline it holds: of creativity, of putting oneself in another’s shoes, of listening and yielding to others, of character and perseverance.

Cutting-edge science is bringing us back to some very traditional, intuitive, and — as it turns out — educationally savvy modes of human interaction in and beyond school. It is scientifically explaining the educational power of things like drama, music, and physical activity. It is revealing memorization as a form of exercise for the brain and demonstrating that joyful environments are also more efficacious. Stress shuts down the prefrontal cortex. And the kinds of mental discipline the prefrontal cortex enables — manifest, for example, in a child’s ability to interact with others in play at an early age — is a more definitive indicator of future thriving, academic and otherwise, than IQ.

I am also naturally drawn to the spiritual implications of Adele Diamond’s work. Her emphasis is as much on reflection as on information. The kind of science she and others are doing has led the school system of British Columbia to incorporate reflection as a part of the development of whole, healthy human beings within its educational philosophy. I hear echoes of my conversation with Malka Haya Fenyvesi and Aziza Hasan in Los Angeles, who are cultivating curiosity and listening between Muslims and Jews as a civic discipline that can enlarge our souls and our practical ability to be present to difference and possibility in ourselves and in the world.

Adele Diamond herself references Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel as well as the Dalai Lama as she reflects on the spiritual connections she uncovers between learning, doing, and being. Her robust Jewish identity flows into the way she makes sense of the larger meaning of what she does, and she has also been deeply influenced by her encounter with the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute conversations between scientists and spiritual thinkers. In fact, I met her at a conference in Vancouver, where she interacted with the Dalai Lama and other scientists, educators, and spiritual thinkers.

And next week, we’ll bring another, recent encounter with the Dalai Lama and religious leaders — the chief rabbi of the Commonwealth, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, and a preeminent Muslim scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr. I moderated that public discussion, on the subject of human happiness. It was a lively and felicitously unpredictable conversation, and I hope you’ll listen in.

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At Mashable Media Summit today, we announced the Mashable Publisher Platform, a new editorially curated syndication experience that brings content from select publishers to our site.

We’re thrilled to announce our initial partners in this venture: AppAdvice, Causecast, ClickZ, GeekSugar, International Journalists’ Network, paidContent, Pocketnow, PSFK and UX Magazine. Starting Nov. 10, you’ll see articles from these partners integrated into Mashable.

You can learn more about Mashable Publishers Platform here.

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